VAT Registration with SARS done within one week*

Do you need to get VAT registered? Whether it is a voluntary VAT registration or mandatory registration, it is best to deal with an experienced Tax Practitioner. SARS is incredibly strict when it comes to VAT registration. Let Business Level help you get it done right the first time.


Who needs to be registered?

In the case where your enterprise has exceeded the R1 million turnover mark in a consecutive 12 month period, you MUST register within 21 days. For voluntary registration, you need to be able to prove that your turnover has exceeded R50 000 in a consecutive 12 month period. If you do not satisfy this requirement, you might still be able to register. For example, if you have a written contract to deliver goods of services. If the value of such a contract exceeds R50 000, we can help.

You can also register at commencement of any of the following activities:

  • Agriculture, Farming, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Mining
  • Ship and aircraft building
  • Manufacture or assembly of plant, machinery, motor vehicles or locomotives
  • Property development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Beneficiation


You will need the following documents:

  • Invoices issued to customers or clients to prove that you are trading;
  • Banking details in the name of the business, or the individual if trading as a Sole Proprietor;
  • Proof of Address for the business;
  • Certified copy of directors’ IDs


Leave the technicalities to us. We will get your VAT registration done without the headaches. Leave your contact details below and we will get in touch.


*Please note that in the event that SARS does not issue a VAT number when the application is submitted, that supporting documents will be required and that the application can take up to five weeks to complete.