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Obtaining an Import/export license for your business could provide the breakthrough you needed to take your business to the next level. But more often than not, trying to do obtain Customs registration, can be a nightmare experience.

The documentation required by Customs is very specific, and getting it wrong, could see you returning to SARS several times. Consider how much you are worth per hour, and then think about how long it can take you driving up and down, to and from SARS. Also waiting in ridiculously long ques, where waiting times can and most often exceed two hours!

Once you are finally in front of a SARS customs employee, only to hear that your documents are incorrect. We have seen people return to SARS in excess of five times, before giving up. You could easily waste over 20 hours, without obtaining an Import and Export License.

What’s more, you could bring all the correct documentation with you for your Customs registration, only to find out once you start Importing or exporting, that you don’t have clearance for the specific countries you need to deal with.


Most businesses will only obtain an import license, or an export license. We recommend that you get both. Let us say you are an importer of European appliances: If you have faulty items being returned, you will need an export license to return items to your supplier.

The same thing happens when you are an exporter. Receiving returned items from foreign clients require an import permit.


You should put us to the test. We get it right the first time. You will receive your Import/export license within ten working days, with no fuss. Get in touch, and see how we can save you thousands and keep your business running smoothly. Get your customs license now!

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    Please send me a quote for registration for Export and Import Licence for an existing company to

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    Please send me a quote for registration for Export and Import Licence for a company.

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