All Quotes are Individualised


Individual Income Tax Return

Filing of ITR12 – From R350


Income Tax Registration

Company Income Tax registration – R450


Tax Registration and Clearance Combo

Company Income Tax Registration incl Clearance Certificate – R900


Clearance Certificate only

Tax Clearance Certificate – R550 Turnaround time – 1 week


VAT Registration

Company VAT registration R2100


UIF/PAYE/SDL Registration

Registration with SARS only – R1800


UIF and Payroll taxes combo

UIF registration with Dept of Labour and UIF/PAYE/SDL registration with SARS combo – R2500


Karen Muller is a registered Tax Practitioner with the South African Tax Institute and has many years experience dealing with SARS and Tax in South Africa. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns regarding registration and clearance.